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Find out more about taking care of your clocks

My pendulum clock does not keep time

If your clock is slow (loses time), turn the nut on the bottom of your pendulum to the right. This will make the pendulum shorter

If your clock is fast (gains time), turn the nut on the bottom of your pendulum to the left. This will make the pendulum longer.

Rule of thumb: Up = speeds up

                    Down = slows down


My battery clock is not running after I changed the batteries

It sounds strange, since you just got new batteries out of the package, but make sure that they are new batteries. Sometimes stores have batteries sits on a shelf for years.Investing in a battery tester is not a bad idea.


If your battery is fresh, but the clock is still not running, make sure the battery contacts are clean.


If your clock takes 2 C-cell batteries, make sure you have used Duracell batteries. If you are using Duracell batteries, then follow the steps described before.


If everything seems good but the clock is still not running, most likely the movement will need to be replaced.


What do I do when it is daylight savings time

In the spring, move time ahead. Take the minute hand (long hand) and go forward the one hour. If your clock chimes, go to the closest quarter and let it chime, then go to next quarter until you are at the right time. DO NOT MOVE THE HOUR HAND.


In the fall, move time back. If you are not sure whether you clock is made in the last 50 years, then just stop your pendulum, wait an hour and start it back up.


If it is made in the last 50 years, most likely you will be able to go counterclockwise with your minute hand until you get to the right time. If your clock is a chiming quartz clock, refer to your owner's manual. DO NOT MOVE THE HOUR HAND.


Learn about our policies for shipping your clock

Antique clock shipping charges:


All shipping charges for antique clocks will be FOB Wayland, MA and will cover full insurance and the specialized packing necessary to ship irreplaceable, one-of-a-kind items. Remember that antiques have either delicate (such as Massachusetts shelf clocks or 1810 banjo wall clocks with hand painted glass), or heavy and / or easily breakable cases (such as French marble mantel clocks or crystal regulators).


We do not recommend that antique tallcase clocks be shipped in crates or cartons. We would always prefer to deliver and setup antique clocks you purchase from us, however, we will pack and ship to protect from damage, if you insist on shipping.


You will be informed of all shipping charges after after you select a clock from our catalog and before the final transaction is authorized.


Hermle Clock Company shipping costs:


Hermle will drop-ship to customers, usually from its Amherst, Virginia distribution center to customers in the continental (not Hawaii and not Alaska) United States. Ground shipping for wall and mantel clocks is free. For grandfather clocks we charge a flat shipping fee of $150.00.


Howard Miller Clock shipping costs:


Ground Shipping is free, when Howard Miller ships all ordered clocks from its continental distribution centers to customers in the continental (not Hawaii and not Alaska) United States. We will absorb all freight charges from Michigan to your residence or place of business, as long as it lies within the continental US.


You may request a video showing the unpacking and set-up procedures you should use for a grandfather clock be included with the shipment. If you do not request this video, you contact a service provider authorized by the Howard Miller Clock Company to setup your grandfather clock.


Chelsea Clock shipping costs: Ground shipping is free. Most clocks can be shipped UPS.


Give us a call to find out more or to schedule repairs for your clocks.  

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